My earliest childhood memories don't involve Disney World or playing team sports with friends. It's the time spent building dirt jumps in my backyard or helping my dad work on his hot rod that stand out the most to me. It's camping, cars, and always being a little dirty that defines my childhood and I've somehow managed to do just that as an adult. 

I'm Chris, a Wisconsin-based commercial photographer, and most days work doesn't feel like work.

Whether I'm shooting from the trunk of a car flying around a race track for Volkswagen, or descending Mt Tam on a motorcycle in the fog for Trek Bikes, I've created a life that combines passion with work and I want to share that with you.

So when you're brainstorming ways to capture a new mountain bike in Sedona, or need epic camper content on the White Rim Road, I promise I'll deliver what you're looking for, just as I have for brands like Winnebago, OnStar, and Duluth Trading Company.

When I'm not behind the lens you'll find me on a remote stretch of land with my wife and two rescue dogs finding the perfect place to camp. I’m a true adventure, outdoor, and motorsport enthusiast and light up when my passions and work projects collide.

If you've made it this far, send me an email and I'll share how we make a Brandy Old Fashioned in America's Dairyland! Maybe we'll even chat about a project or two.


Clients: Winnebago, OnStar, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Can-Am / Yamaha / Wilderness, Duluth Trading Company,  Woodland Tools, Heartland RV, JetBlue, MuskyFool Fly Fishing, Yerbae, Porsche Racing, Hot Rod Magazine

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