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Hi - I’m Chris Bacarella, a professional photographer living in Madison, WI.  My Midwest-Nice upbringing makes talking about myself hard, but here’s a little history on how I got here. 

Nine years ago I graduated into a dying newspaper market with a Photojournalism degree and immediately questioned if choosing my passion for a major was the right choice. With student loan payments quickly approaching and no staff photography jobs in sight, I took an entry level role in marketing.

I spent the next 7 years working on some of the largest marketing teams in the US like Trek Bikes, Amazon, and Discovery. I put in the hours, dedication, learned a hell of a lot, and even had a fancy director-level title. But something was off. Something deep inside kept asking if this was truly the path I should be taking. 

So I followed my gut, quit my job, bought a camera and moved across the country to start back on the path of my original passion - being a photographer - and haven’t looked back since. 

My working background in marketing blends perfectly with my creative side in photography which allows me to bring a unique perspective into every shoot. The art of visual storytelling was never lost throughout the years and my confidence to bring your vision to life is greater than ever. 

If I’m not making images, you’ll find me on a remote stretch of land with my fiancé and two rescue dogs in search of the perfect campsite, jumping into a cool lake with friends, or riding bikes around my favorite city. I’m a true adventure, outdoor, and motorsport enthusiast and light up when my passions and work projects collide. I’m a problem solver and I promise there isn’t any problem we can’t work through.

 I’m grateful work doesn’t feel like work and I want to share that with you. 

You can reach me at Chris@ItsYupMedia.com or by phone or text message at (586) 480-0064.


Found Artist

As a Found Artist I have the backing and support of a wonderful team of Producers, Creative Directors, Consultants, and Reps to help with any and all production needs. 

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A Note About COVID-19

I love creating and nothing makes me happier than working with talented people. Their safety, and the safety of everyone on shoots is important. On set, we’re all a family and I treat COVID seriously. I’ve safely created shoots with minimal crews of 3, all the way to 12. Examples of precautions have been COVID Control Officers on set for temperature checks and general guidance, safe food handling, utilizing open spaces, and reducing crew size where necessary. COVID is real, science is real, and I’ll always do my part to keep everyone I work with as safe as possible. On top of that, I have a complete sleeping setup in my truck and can get anywhere in the United States within two days allowing me to reduce my exposure getting to locations.

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