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Hi - I’m Chris Bacarella, a professional photographer living in Madison, WI.  My Midwest-Nice upbringing makes talking about myself hard, but here’s a little history on how I got here.

After graduating into a dying newspaper market, Photojournalism degree in-hand, I decided to switch course and spent the early years of my career working on some of the largest marketing teams in the US like Trek Bikes, Amazon (Shopbop), and Discovery (Motor Trend Group). I put in the hours, dedication, learned a hell of a lot and even had a fancy director-level title. So after years of working with Creatives from the client-side, I decided to take my knowledge gained and start back on the path of my original passion, photography.

My working background in branding / marketing allows me to easily understand your business needs and deliver the exact, creative solution you're looking for. My difference-maker is the passion I have for the brands I create for which allows me to produce genuine content for my clients because I'm actively using their products in my daily life. 

If I’m not making images, you’ll find me on a remote stretch of land with my wife and two rescue dogs in search of the perfect dispersed campsite, jumping into a cool lake with friends, ordering new truck parts, or riding bikes around my favorite city. I’m a true adventure, outdoor, and motorsport enthusiast and light up when my passions and work projects collide.

I’m grateful work doesn’t feel like work and I want to share that with you.


Clients: Volkswagen, Can-Am / Yamaha / Wilderness, Duluth Trading Company, Heartland RV, JetBlue, MuskyFool Fly Fishing, Yerbae, Porsche Racing, Hot Rod Magazine

Found Artist

As a Found Artist I have the backing and support of a wonderful team of Producers, Creative Directors, Consultants, and Reps to help with any and all production needs. 

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